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Перчатки мбс всесезонные


Перчатки мбс всесезонные

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Gloves pvc mbs (oil-and-petrol resistant) bright orange.


Can be used in any season. Thick layer of PVC-lining.


Vinyl gloves contain up to 40% plasticizing additives, which gives a feeling of average softness.


The rough surface of the grasping portion of the glove facilitates the retention of slippery objects. A moisture absorbing lining can be turned inside out to dry.



Lining of high quality Polar fabric guarantees comfort and warmth. Resistant to rubbing. They are resistant to detergents, detergents and acids.



Main characteristics:


Composition: knitted base - HB bike, additional material - paralon; dousing with polyvinyl chloride.


Color: bright orange.


Total length: 29cm

Length of cuff: 9cm


Weight of pair: 280 gram.


Minimum order: 1 pair.


Rubber gloves: it is recommended to use when working at a gas station, with oiled objects, with weak acids.

Average sensitivity and protection against abrasion, resistance to rupture and hooks, to weak solutions of acids, oil-and-oil resistant, hermetically sealed.

(gloves pvc wholesale, gloves, knitted with pvc, rubber gloves)


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Users comments

Ольга, менеджер "Север-Спецодежда"
2018.05.11 12:09
Здравствуйте, Георгий! Они произведены по стандартам Европейского Союза.
2018.05.11 09:15
По стандартам ГОСТ или ЭС сделаны?
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