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Cotton gloves with black PVC point "67"


Cotton gloves with black PVC point "67"

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Gloves hb workers with PVC dot black "67" differ in weight and good thickness of yarn due to their composition and number of threads.


This kind of gloves hb rather young - February 2013, appeared because of the constant demand for inexpensive quality gloves.


Composition: 100% cotton


Class of mating 7, yarn 7.


Weight of pair: 76 gram. Weight of the bag (200 pairs): 15.2 kg.


Packing method: polypropylene bag, 200 pairs in a bag, 10 pairs in a package.


The minimum portion, one pair.






Made from high-grade cotton fiber. Gloves hb are harmless to the skin of hands, do not constrain the movements of the fingers of hands, due to free air exchange do not allow the sweating of hands. When compared with other gloves, cotton is characterized by higher strength and wear resistance. The densest cotton gloves.


All working gloves on the base of the base are optimally used in dry working conditions, during which the risk of mechanical damage is negligible. A good aesthetic appearance is retained for a long time due to the saturated black color of gloves.


It is recommended to use gloves for workers in bulk for all types of work, in which protection of hands against abrasion, contamination, minor cuts and damages is necessary. It is not recommended for use with wet objects.


Technological features: In the most loaded places - on the pads of the fingers - additional pouring.


 Gloves PVC - protection from general production effects. Gloves workers wholesale - are in the section "Price List". Our company offers only high-quality work gloves in bulk.

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Users comments

Рома Грищук
2018.05.05 10:06
Прочитал отзывы, решил заказать для себя несколько пар на пробу.Так вот, плотность у них отличная, чтобы их убить нужно еще сильно постараться. Однозначно возьму еще
P.S. Также понравилась расцветка)
Василий Самойлов
2015.01.14 15:18
Как по мне то это самые лучшие и качественные перчатки за свои деньги!
Грищук Татьяна Сергеевна
2014.08.20 21:12
Я считаю эти перчатки лучшими среди тех что я покупала за последние пять лет. Из плюсов можно отметить долгий срок службы, минусов - нет
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