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In this section, what is put on the bed is collected: a mattress wadded, a bed kit, a pillow, a pillowcase, a duvet cover, a sheet of own production.

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Bedding wholesale (accessories for a comfortable sleep)


Bedding on the modern market, are the most relevant and in-demand goods. Our sleep and personal hygiene are an integral part of life.
Wholesale and retail market of Ukraine is saturated with positions of the category "bedding". But, when it comes to wholesale purchases, for specialized establishments - brands and high prices are not a priority.


The range of bedding includes:


  • mattresses;


  • pillows in bulk;


  • sets of bed linen in bulk;


  • pillow cases;


  • Duvet covers;


  • Sheets.


On the site of the online store "North-Special", also sold wafer towels, as a means of personal or industrial hygiene.



Mattresses and pillows in bulk (characteristics, use)



Wholesale purchases of mattresses and pillows, carry out:


  • dormitories (workers and students);


  • kindergartens, camps;


  • boarding schools and orphanages;


  • military structures (barracks, hostels);


  • medical centers (hospitals, maternity homes);


  • establishments of sanatorium type;


  • institutions of temporary residence (hostels, hotels).


Individual families, rarely buy bed linen in bulk. However, the goods that you use daily, it is appropriate to purchase in bulk. Always, it is possible to invite relatives and friends to make a purchase together. And rejoice at the profitable acquisition of goods for domestic, domestic use.

Wadded mattresses - practical, economical, comfortable bedding. Such mattresses are also called "Soviet" mattresses. The use of cotton mattresses to buy, began in the 18th century. A wide production turnover gained in the Soviet industry. And today on the territory of Ukraine, time-tested mattresses of the product have good demand. You can, wadded mattress buy at a very democratic price.


Advantages of cotton mattresses:


  • practicality - comfortable use and storage (folded, takes up a minimum of space);


  • Long service life (does not lose its qualities over time);


  • good air permeability;


  • heat insulation;


  • subject to heat treatment;


  • low cost (spring and orthopedic analogues, are several times more expensive). Wadded mattress buy - it's cheap and comfortable.


For the production of cotton mattresses used filler - batting, and the top - textiles (mostly natural and dense fabrics). The most running dimensions: 190 * 70, 190 * 80, 190 * 90.

Pillows - bedding, which serve as a support for the head., As well as for comfortable sitting on the couch, armchair. Can be, both hard and soft, it all depends on the filler and destination. In modern conditions, anatomical, orthopedic pillows have become very popular, this is due to frequent diseases of the spine.

On the site of the online store "North-Special" are classic models of pillows in bulk - rectangular or square. The filler is a natural or synthetic material.

Pillows wholesale with natural filler "down-feather" - the most common type of bedding. Long before the large-scale production of this product, the housewives in the families themselves collected the filler and weaned the pillows.

Pillows wholesale "fluff-feather" are characterized by:

regulation of heat transfer;
comfort sleep;
good air exchange;
restoration of the primary form, after sleep;
natural and environmentally friendly materials (filler and textiles).

It should be noted that due to the natural composition, pillows in bulk with a filler "down-feather" and 100% of cotton textiles, may not suit people prone to allergies.

Pillows filled with silicone - modern and comfortable bedding. Silicone cushions last long enough, and are not whimsical in care. This product perfectly holds the volumetric form, does not sag, after use, returns the primary view.
A big plus, in comparison with natural filler - hypoallergenic. Price of a pillow in bulk, lower "down-feather".


Buy bedding wholesale in Ukraine


If you are interested in bedding at an affordable price, contact our managers to arrange a quick order.
Buy a cotton mattress and pillows in bulk from the manufacturer - is available and easy.