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Wafer towels



Waffle towel - hygienic accessory of cotton cloth, which is used in industrial and domestic conditions to absorb moisture from various surfaces.

Waffle towel got its name due to a three-dimensional cellular pattern that resembles confectionery waffles.

This product has a long production history. The first wafer towels appeared in the XVIII century in Turkey. And to this day, these products are in high demand. Order on our website, towels in bulk - cheap.

The positive properties of waffle towels:


  • natural composition - 100% cotton cloth;


  • perfectly absorb moisture;


  • practicality, wear resistance;


  • does not leave any marks on the surfaces;


  • soft and pleasant to the touch;


  • Are unpretentious in leaving: maintain a plenty of washings;


  • low cost (towels in bulk cheap).



Waffle towels are universal



Separately, I want to say about the versatility of waffle towels, especially white. They can be used almost everywhere:


  • in industrial and domestic kitchens;


  • in bars, cafes and restaurants for wiping dishes and furniture surfaces;


  • as protective napkins from pollution;


  • in bathrooms;


  • in medical institutions for drying instruments;


  • in cosmetology rooms.


Due to the natural composition, white waffle towels, you can wipe not only your hands, but also a face that requires special delicacy in care.

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