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Working overall female overall "STANDARD"


Working overall female overall "STANDARD"

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Working overalls "STANDARD" was designed specifically for the female type of figure. It is convenient, practical and versatile. With the help of a special cut, the worker's movements will be free and easy. This makes it possible to use the product in almost any profession.


According to statistics, semi-overalls are the most practical kind of work clothes. And this is not surprising. After all, it is in the semi-overalls that a huge number of different pockets, comfortable elastic britels and a high waist line on the elastic band. All these qualities really increase comfort and directly affect the employee's well-being, as well as its effectiveness.


Main characteristics:


 • Color: dark gray.


 • Material: mixed greta.


 • Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton.


 • Density: 210 grams per square meter.


 • Measurements: 42-66.


 • Packing: 10 pieces in a box, each in a plastic bag.


Another advantage is the color. It is dark gray. This allows you to minimize visible pollution, of course not all. If you get very dirty, it will not be a problem. Semi-overalls are easy to clean and re-wash (including industrial). This model can be purchased at our online store Stuga.




Description of the model:


Half-overalls in general has 4 pockets: one multifunctional breastplate with a Velcro valve, two side ones, one is behind slightly below the waist. Elastic straps are adjustable along the length of plastic fasteksami. The knee pads are reinforced with a double layer of cloth. There is elastic band along the waist line.

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