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Sewing of working clothes


Sewing of working clothes

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Development of a unique overalls of any parameters - everything is possible for us!



Sewing work clothes is a complex process, in which many factors are taken into account. At the factory there are 3 stages of product quality control. This allows you to produce better products without a single marriage.



Having made the order you will receive 100 days of warranty for the goods!


Sewing in the company "Sever-Working clothes" gives you such advantages:


  1. Only worthy quality.
  2. Written arrangements.
  3. The coordinated actions: that have ordered - that and have received.
  4. The overalls are certified and have a hygienic conclusion.
  5. Wide choice of protective materials.
  6. Excellent pricing policy.
  7. Accurate fulfillment of delivery dates.
  8. Manufacturing and printing of company logos.
  9. Discounts and additional benefits for long-term cooperation.
  10. Possibility of deferred payment.



Everything is done in production, so that a person feels secure and comfortable putting on work clothes. This allows you to create the most effective product and produce it in the shortest possible time.




What parameters can be chosen - absolutely everything, for example: season, scope, cut, color, fabric, protective impregnation, material density, size, number of pockets and others.


Regardless of the scope of activity, you can contact us. Manufacture of overalls to order, taking into account the specifics of work processes, comfort and safety requirements, corporate style, as well as a number of other important factors at your request.


We are trusted by such Brands.




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