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This section is represented by various personal protective equipment for: head, hearing, respiratory organs, vision.

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Famous brands, both domestic and foreign manufacturers are time-tested. Here are collected only the best and most popular: respirators, goggles, helmets, headphones, safety belts.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) - Personal protective equipment (PPE) - a specially manufactured product that protects the respiratory system, the human skin from the effects of harmful and toxic agents in the air.

Classification: PPE - a means of personal protection of respiratory organs: respirators, gas masks, cotton-gauze bandages; SZK - skin protection - special protective clothing. When choosing these funds, you need to consider their purpose and properties, the specific situation, the nature of the infection, etc.


Classification of PPE in Ukraine is established in GOST 12.4.103-83, it is divided into types:

Suits insulating (pneumatic suits, waterproof suits, suits)
Respiratory protective equipment (gas masks, respirators, self-rescuers, pneumatic helmets, pneumatic masks, pneumatic jackets)
Special protective clothes (sheepskin coats, coats, short coats, sheepskin coats, capes, raincoats, half-coats, gowns, suits, jackets, shirts, trousers, shorts, overalls, overalls, vests, dresses, sarafans, blouses, skirts, aprons, shoulder pads)
Foot protection (boots, boots with an elongated bootleg, boots with a short boot, boots, boots, shoes, shoes, boots, galoshes, boots, slippers (sandals), boots, chuvyaki, shields, boots, knee pads, footcloths,
Means for the protection of hands (mittens, gloves, semi-gloves, fingertips, handhelds, wristlets, armlets, elbow pads)
Head protection (helmets, helmets, helmets, hats, berets, hats, caps, scarves, mosquito net)
Eye protection (safety glasses)
Face protection means (face shields)
Hearing protection (anti-noise helmets, antinoise earbuds, noisy headphones)
Fall protection devices and other safety devices (safety belts, cables, hand grips, manipulators, knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads)
Means dermatological protective (protective creams, skin cleaners, reparative agents)
Complex protection means
In order to protect employees from exposure to harmful and unsafe working conditions, and in addition to increase production discipline, commercial and municipal companies purchase clothing for their employees. The level of employee safety from harmful working conditions is significantly influenced by the design and acquisition of personal protective equipment. Often the true use of overalls and their quality depends not only on the well-being of workers, but also on their lives. Obligatory requirement in any enterprise is conformity to quality standards concerning overalls, thus these standards are obliged to take into account certain working conditions and harmful factors at any workplace. Overalls from Zhytomyr are always worthy and high-quality personal protective equipment. In this town, which is famous for its traditions of weaving and its own tailoring, they can also produce not only fabrics and things for daily use, but also high-quality work clothes.

A characteristic difference between the design of working clothes is the fact that for wholesale and large orders, branding of clothes for each client is invariably performed - the uniform is produced using the materials of branded colors, and the client's logo is applied over it. For large companies, especially with remote branches, such working clothes are considered an additional element of advertising and image promotion.

The favorites of the market for special and working clothes work with the use of quality standards and multifunctional characteristics of the main European states. This directly gives them the opportunity to firmly maintain their leading positions.

Special clothing for large organizations is not only considered to be a component of individual protection (PPE). For this reason, the design agencies, which design the other elements of the brand and corporate culture, are usually engaged in developing the design of overalls and work clothes. Competently selected high-quality clothing of staff clearly indicates the attention of the organization's management to any of its subordinates.

Past researches in the field of materials and useful components of clothes, allowing to increase its protective qualities, provide an opportunity to perfectly combine the elegant appearance and high level of protection of the company's employees. Special clothes from such fabrics have proved themselves well and have a presentable appearance and after washing, it does not tear and does not deform.